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Terms & Rules

Leaking / Reselling Rules
It is strictly forbidden to use or resell ("leaking") NoVax Scripts, whether free or paid. The account holder is always responsible for its use and the token associated with it. If you or your server are caught engaging in prohibited activities, you will face the following consequences:

  • Your Discord account will be banned from our Discord and your account will be forwarded to be added to the global blacklist ("Protect the Developers"), ("Stop the Resellers") ,("StrongerTogether") and ("LeakGuard")
  • Your account and email address will be permanently banned from our website
  • Your IP address will be blacklisted from our online services
  • Under any circumstances, no refunds will be issued for revoked tokens
General Rules
  • Under no circumstances will any form of support be provided if you leave the Discord server
  • Everyone in this community deserves to be respected. Do not harass anyone, especially staff
  • Any purchase is final and non-refundable
  • Use the appropriate server channels
  • Listen to the server administration staff
  • No advert, no offense, no toxicity, and no inappropriate or unsafe content
  • Do not misuse or spam in any of the channels (Mutes may apply)
  • Do not attempt to bypass any blocked words by our Discord bots
  • Don’t ping staff without legitimate reasoning behind it
  • Please only request assistance through the appropriate channels or tickets
  • Do not discuss hacking, cheating, or any type of malware content
  • Do not send any malicious and harmful links or files, or anything that jeopardizes the security of others
  • Do not plagiarize or claim credit for our or others' work as your own
  • Do not attempt a chargeback; all purchases are final

  • You can report unauthorized use to us by creating a support ticket in our Discord:

    1. Discord name
    2. Discord ID
    3. Photos / Video
    4. Discord server name
    5. Discord nvite link

    We highly recommend showing as much evidence as possible. This will make the report much easier for us to investigate.


    Every Nexus Scripts customer and every confirmed developer of a customer.
    We offer a fully detailed documentation and installation guides to make your installation process easier. If you are still having trouble, you may contact contact our support team by creating a support ticket.
    This error usually comes up when you have renamed your resource. Renaming our resources can cause issues/errors and we advice you not to do it when purchasing any of our scripts, as we can not guarantee they will work to their full potential.
    Most of our scripts are partly locked. The parts you need to configure can be located in the corresponding config.lua.